Leaders are the Back-Bone of Any Organization

Leadership – a quality that has stood the test of time. Throughout the pages of history, a leader has either sailed or sunk a ship (metaphorically off course). Nations have failed or succeeded because of their leaders. At present, where competition is immense and situations change at the click of a mouse, it is almost impossible to survive without a good leader. And we are talking about organizational success here. Let us explain how!

Good leaders bring out the best in employees
A bad leader may suppress the good in an employee, an average leader may just leave it untouched but a great leader will help the employee bring out the best in him/her. They will help them and guide them through their fears and reach their potential. This increases productivity and helps an organization retain best talent and move upward.

Good Leaders build strong work culture
A great leader creates a positive and strong company culture. A strong company culture lays the foundation for success of an organization. All the big organizations you see today have one thing in common – great leaders who allowed their people the freedom to take risk and had faith in them. Now you may ask – what are the monetary benefits of a strong culture! Research has proven that strong company culture leads to happy employees, which is directly related to increased productivity and reduced turnover. And we all know that increased productivity means an increased topline and bottom-line. Still need more reasons?

Great leaders create a brand
Do you have many bad leaders in the organization? If yes, then you may not know it yet but you have a reputation in the market: good company with bad bosses! Nobody wants to work with you. Always remember, culture is a result of leaders in the organization and your company’s culture is what creates your reputation. In today’s time with platforms like Glassdoor, it is very easy for potential candidate to find out about the work culture of any company. A good organizational culture creates a successful employer brand. Leaders help you make that brand. If you already have a brand, they will take the legacy forward and make it more successful.

Above are just few of the reasons why a great leader is needed in the organizations. A good leader leads by example and perpetuates values like honesty and integrity in employees which strengthen the core of every organization. The real value of a great leader goes much beyond monetary gains. What do you think a great leader brings to your company?

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