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Is your Company Headed towards Continuous Improvement Standards?

The Outsourcing Industry has been growing at a rapid pace. Although the growth was sluggish after 2008 due to the global economic slowdown, it has nevertheless picked up pace and is expected to grow at rate for 12-15% annually. The major reason for this phenomenal growth is because outsourcing industry has now moved from delivery of transactional processes to providing business process excellence. These offshore centers have emerged as new knowledge centers equipped with decades of experience under their belt. With increased focus on quality, many of these businesses have moved from operational delivery to process improvement for their end client.

It is imperative to have quality of processes in all the segments, including Human Resources, Finance and other sectors for serving diverse and fast-growing business market. Due to the rapidly changing business market reflected by rising costs and demands on delivering value; it is ideal to develop and implement an Strategy for processes, which will transform and build operational efficiencies for business. Baseline – today’s processes require excellence measures to sustain in the market. However, not many companies provide Process Excellence as a continuous added service to its Clients.

Process excellence is not just about streamlining processes by eliminating extra work but also about achieving maximum efficiency through identifying the best practices. Providing Process Excellence involves a step-by-step identification of processes, matrix creation, improvements of the process and continuous development. Our company achieves this by breaking down a process in many steps and identifying key deliverables where process efficiencies can be achieved. This is done using quality measures and methodologies like designing metrics, balanced scorecards and analytical reports. There are many levers for Excellence during this transformation such as scope diagnosis, needs assessment, design and control techniques etc.

To ensure desired outcome, it is also important to identify redundancy and waste in processes and systems to restructure them in most efficient way without compromising quality of deliverables and customer service. Simultaneously, it is critical to continuously assess performance of processes using Six Sigma methodology to determine the “current” quality status to drive and setting the “to-be” bar high to exceed Client’s expectations.
Hence, if you are looking to partner with a company, it is ideal to look at various companies following continuous process improvement methodologies which can help you to save time, cost and deliver excellence. We at Headway support these practices and believe in updating our process with the Six Sigma methodology; Does your company believe in this as well?

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