GST – Impact on Solar and Renewable Energy after its Implementation

Unconventional Ways to Implement GST in Your Solar Business Effective GST implementation strategy is required to ensure your business is GST compliant   GST: A good solar tax or disruption to the solar industry? Impact of the GST on India’s Solar industry. The current tax regime provides for a complex multi-city tax environment, increased compliance

GST – Difference between Composite Supply and Mixed Supply

In this blog we will discuss two different concepts: first is composite supply and second is mixed supply. Many people confuse the two with each other; however, they are very distinct in nature. What is Composite Supply vs. Mixed Supply? First let’s try to decode their meaning through the definitions given under section 2 of

GST – Process of matching of Input Tax Credit (ITC)

India is now ready for the GST implementation from 1st July 2017. GST in India is more unique than all other countries. Dual tax administration has been introduced under GST, keeping in mind of the federal tax system by the Indian constitution. IGST Concept on an interstate supply of goods and services has been introduced

GST – Point of Taxation

In today’s article, we will discuss the point of taxation. We all know about taxable events i.e. any event, the occurrence of which results in the liability to pay tax. Under previous laws of indirect tax laws, manufacture, sales, provision of services etc. were known as taxable events. However, under GST all these events are