Human Capital Investment: A Future of Immense Opportunities

Human Capital; we hear, term and reciprocate this enormous number of times. But why is it so important in today’s customer driven market? Let’s put it this way, happy and skilled employees, working for customer’s satisfaction, delivering outputs which results in organisations’ growth scenarios. Of Course, today investing in People is as much important as

GST Returns – FAQs

What should you know about the GST return? There is confusion among the business community, tax professionals, and tax authorities. Few of them are aware of the process of GST implementation. In this article, we will discuss the FAQ on GST returns. Q.1) What is the objective of GST returns? Mode for supply of information

GST – A Global Analysis on its Transition

GST was introduced by the Indian government to reduce tax evasion and build up a strong tax collection structure. One of the major characteristics of GST is that it supports the domestic traders to face the competition in domestic as well as the international market. Here we will analyze how smoothly the GST transition can