Cloud ERP Solution – A Boon for Growing Businesses?

For a fruitful business operation, compelling arranging and watchful management of the available resources is essential. A robust framework will streamline your perplexing procedures and improve efficiency to empower business development.

HOW Cloud ERP valuable for Businesses?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application is employed for managing numerous aspects of a business to work towards the company’s mission and vision. But if the appliance will be accessed on only one local system, the business may fail to prosper. With an online ERP system, ERP hosting, management on-the-go becomes a reality and real-time collaboration helps to organize crucial business processes in a unified manner.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Cloud ERP is Perfect for Business Development.

1.    Easy and Affordable

Headway’s ERP Solutions is comparatively simpler to implement in daily processes than a traditional setup. The technology eliminates the requirement of a heavy in-house technical infrastructure with an on-premise server. All assets are given by the cloud facilitating supplier on a membership premise that is charged month to month according to utilization.

Since the cloud does not require a specialized setup, the incorporation is basic and without any hassles. All sensitive data is stored over the virtual server on a secure platform. Hence, the cloud turns into a pocket-friendly solution, especially for small and medium-sized organizations without putting a scratch in their financial plans.

2.    Security Boost

Information is the base of any business and its security must be a top priority. Recent cyber attacks have expanded the danger and difficulties to keep up the assurance divider. Yet, it doesn’t imply that having your information on the cloud makes it inclined to dangers, it’s the inverse.

Indeed, the information put away on your neighbourhood server or drive is bound to be endangered. A run of the mill facilitating merchant utilizes a group of talented specialists to screen and verify your ERP cloud with most recent antivirus and firewalls.

3.    Flexibility of Resources

Cloud-based applications provide versatile resources which can be simply integrated. Agility is an important necessity in today’s business world.

Thus, cloud ERP systems are widening their horizons by going one step ahead to supply most flexibility of resources and compatibility with new age systems and devices. The modern technology offers easy accessibility to licensed users from anywhere, at any time, and from any device through the internet. All this makes Sage 100 cloud a scalable option, especially for small and mid-sized businesses.

4.    Enhanced Business Growth

Undoubtedly the cloud ERP has a lot to offer than a conventional on-premise setup. It helps in efficient management across all departments and resources without any hassles. The new technology saves your cash, time and efforts that ultimately can be used for business development.

Since your Sage 100 ERP cloud is hosted, maintained and updated by the cloud hosting provider, it reduces your stress of technical management so that you can focus on important issues.

Cloud ERP system isn’t just quick and secure they are also pocket-friendly which is a blessing for small businesses running on a tight budget. Cloud computing is the future, and it is sensible to adopt cloud hosting in our basic operations for better collaboration among the team and then far more than it has to offer. Contact Headway BPO top ERP Solution Providers in India for cloud hosting solutions of all Sage applications including Sage 50, Sage 100, Sage 300 and Sage 500.




HR and Payroll Outsourcing Company in India

Why the Business Needs HR and Payroll Outsourcing Company?

The main concern behind the organizations to hire payroll processing companies is that they offer small businesses an attractive and valuable alternative to managing payroll internally. Outsourcing payroll reduces the time employees spend calculating payroll, determining tax obligations, preparing checks and providing management reports.

Payroll processing is one of the most outsourced jobs in the world. This is a great option for the small and medium business unit to focus more on the business rather than spending hours in the different documentation process, which keeps updating and amending from time to time and the making payrolls.  Headway BPO Solutions is one of the best HR and Payroll Outsourcing Company in India provides you with a complete solution related to payroll processing and HR and Payroll services.

Why it’s Needed to Outsource HR and Payroll Services?

Yes, it is true that you can also prepare payroll by
yourself, but it is also true that preparation of payroll may not be as simple
as it sounds like. You need to keep in account a lot of numbers and data for
its preparation and a small error may attract huge penalties to your business.
Not to forget that with evolution and changing in governances, many amendments
are made in the laws, effecting calculations etc.

Thus, it is always suggested to have a specialized team to create the payroll for the company. Large businesses have got the required sources to have their own payroll division, however, this is not possible for small and medium business and thus, the best way to process the payroll in a smooth way is to outsource the same to Payroll processing companies.

Reasons why SMEs should outsource the HR and Payroll Process:-

To Avoid Penalties: –
Compliance defaults and penalties are very common in the payroll process. Over
70% of the companies get penalized for compliance defaults. Preparation of
payroll includes complicated calculations and you need to keep in mind about the
frequent changes in the regulations of tax. The reputed payroll processing
companies are less likely to make errors as they have got the complete
expertise and experience in the specific field. That is their job and they are
doing the same for numerous other Companies as well.

Saves Time and Money:
The phrase “Time is Money” is very accurate for every business. But
preparation of payroll may require a lot of your valuable time and money.  When experts service of payroll processing is
just a call way, then why to dedicate unnecessary time for it. You can use your
time for the growth of the business. Along with this, don’t forget that even
minor error may cause heavy penalties on the business. Thus, with outsourcing,
you can also save money.

Security of Data: – The payroll process includes the handling of several confidential & sensitive data. Thus, it is completely unsafe to keep such data at the risk of being compromised as it will be for any third person to access the same.

The best HR and Payroll Outsourcing Companies, like Headway BPO Solutions, respects and understandings importance of personal information of individuals and therefore, provides for the best expertise and experience in the field of payroll processing, which enables it to provide with the utmost security of your confidential data, along with avoiding the chance of penalties, thus saving both, your time and money in the process.

Is your Company Headed towards Continuous Improvement Standards?

The Outsourcing Industry has been growing at a rapid pace. Although the growth was sluggish after 2008 due to the global economic slowdown, it has nevertheless picked up pace and is expected to grow at rate for 12-15% annually. The major reason for this phenomenal growth is because outsourcing industry has now moved from delivery of transactional processes to providing business process excellence. These offshore centers have emerged as new knowledge centers equipped with decades of experience under their belt. With increased focus on quality, many of these businesses have moved from operational delivery to process improvement for their end client.

It is imperative to have quality of processes in all the segments, including Human Resources, Finance and other sectors for serving diverse and fast-growing business market. Due to the rapidly changing business market reflected by rising costs and demands on delivering value; it is ideal to develop and implement an Strategy for processes, which will transform and build operational efficiencies for business. Baseline – today’s processes require excellence measures to sustain in the market. However, not many companies provide Process Excellence as a continuous added service to its Clients.

Process excellence is not just about streamlining processes by eliminating extra work but also about achieving maximum efficiency through identifying the best practices. Providing Process Excellence involves a step-by-step identification of processes, matrix creation, improvements of the process and continuous development. Our company achieves this by breaking down a process in many steps and identifying key deliverables where process efficiencies can be achieved. This is done using quality measures and methodologies like designing metrics, balanced scorecards and analytical reports. There are many levers for Excellence during this transformation such as scope diagnosis, needs assessment, design and control techniques etc.

To ensure desired outcome, it is also important to identify redundancy and waste in processes and systems to restructure them in most efficient way without compromising quality of deliverables and customer service. Simultaneously, it is critical to continuously assess performance of processes using Six Sigma methodology to determine the “current” quality status to drive and setting the “to-be” bar high to exceed Client’s expectations.
Hence, if you are looking to partner with a company, it is ideal to look at various companies following continuous process improvement methodologies which can help you to save time, cost and deliver excellence. We at Headway support these practices and believe in updating our process with the Six Sigma methodology; Does your company believe in this as well?

Things You Should Know About Outsourcing

We all are well aware of Outsourcing and how it is beneficial for businesses. It provides cost efficiency to clients and allows them to focus on their core business needs. It is helpful as it provides access to a talent pool without going through the trouble of recruiting and hiring them.

One can get a lot of information as to why or why not an organization should outsource their processes. However, not often we talk about the challenges that an organization may have to face when the real activity takes place. Hence, it is critical to know as to what are the major challenges that you, as a Company may face when you decide to outsource work.

On Time Delivery
Even though most of the times the work being outsourced is claimed to be routine and less important from the perspective of client-company, it is important nonetheless. A lot of times, costs tend to be higher than estimated due to a delay in delivery; delayed timelines further result in loss of revenue and loss of face for the parent company. On time delivery has implications beyond the monetary terms. Therefore, you have to be really careful while selecting the vendor for outsourcing your work. It’s important to get testimonials and talk to current/previous clients of the vendors you are looking at. Due diligence goes a long way in securing the right partner.

Each company claims to be a Subject Matter Expert but how do you know if it’s true or not? Look closer and examine their work and experience of company employees carefully. You will be able to find organizations that focus on one single domain in outsourcing; organizations that have been doing this work for many years. These organizations have a deep and thorough understanding of processes and its workings.

Hidden Costs
Many a times, vendors will have hidden costs in order to make their case strong and make the offer look more attractive. This often leaves the company with a feeling of betrayal as they end up paying more than what they bargained for. Although the vendors who resort to these tactics do not stay in business for long; whole arrangement ends in a foul experience for the outsourcing company. Hence, it’s very important to partner with a vendor who looks after your interests and is not shortsighted.

Outsourcing Partnership and Cultural Challenges
Often, clients have a hard time managing off-shore teams due to communication issues and different styles of working. The difference in cultures can also be a major issue. For example in some cultures, disagreements are seen as healthy whereas in some, they are a sign of disobedience. With such conflicting cultural norms, unseen communication issues may arise. These challenges, however, can be overcome if companies partner with an experienced vendor. A vendor who has been in the business for long, is able to identify and overcome these challenges.

These are few of the major questions you are going to face when you decide to outsource. It is imperative to think through these questions and find the right vendor because when you do that, outsourcing is really what it is said to be – A cost effective solution for your problems.